The honest trailer for the Jackass series is here

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Thank you for making me feel old all of the sudden.


I wish them and the team of Doctors that paste them back together the very best, I’m still not watching it, any of those movies.


Hell, the honest trailer is making me go “who the hell finds this funny?”

I mean, I used to, but now that I’ve reached adulthood, its more of “why are they doing that to themselves?”


Money :moneybag:


When I was 14-17 in the late 90s we were obsessed with the Big Brother movies and CKY. What I’m grateful for is that all our copycat idiocy was documented on Hi8 video tapes and we had no means to get it online.

Oh man, this takes me back. I watched this stupid shit all the time back around 2000. I mean those guys were morons just like me and my friends. Seriously, it is a miracle that I still have all of my fingers, considering how much we fucked around with fireworks as teenagers.

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