The iconic clip that introduced color TV to Australia

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Some interesting technical effects for the time. Cleverly done.


These boys clearly grew up listening to The Goon Show on the radio (as did I)


I grew up with both Aunty Jack and the Goons. ABC radio was broadcasting the Goon snow weekly well into the 80’s.

They knew this sketch was going to get a lot of coverage so the humour’s toned down and not nearly a anarchic as their usual standard.The Aunty Jack Show also produced character Norman Gunston, whose celebrity interviews were always hilarious.


All I have to say is “If you don’t tune in next week, I’ll rip your bloody arms off!”


I have been known to occasionally describe a rough bottle of red as an Aunty Jack wine for that very reason.


Not as much as you might think, or so they say.

Although frequently compared to Monty Python’s Flying Circus , as the two teams evidently shared the same love of surreal humour, Aunty Jack had existed conceptually before Bond or other show creators had seen Monty Python . Indeed, Aunty Jack’s television debut took place an hour and a half before the British show was first screened in Australia on 30 December 1971 (The “Aunty Jack’s Travelling Show” episode of The Comedy Game was screened at 7:30pm, Monty Python at 8:55).[4] The Goons have also been mentioned as an inspiration, but in Johnson and Smiedt’s history of Australian comedy Boom Boom , Bond himself said that he had listened to The Goons only occasionally. He mentioned Australian radio star Jack Davey, Bob Dyer, the Mickey Mouse Club and The Steve Allen Show as early interests, but cited the surreal black humour of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 as a major comedic influence.[5]

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