The incredibly flatulent thread. Where will it go?

On the topic of the West Virginia mayor who resigned after appropriately suffering the consequences of her free speech racism, the topic of disproportionate response arose and the subject briefly turned to the movie “Unforgiven”. The question before this august commentariat is as follows:

Was Little Bill’s sadism a function of psychopathy or a function of a deeply flawed but ordered morality?


Pretty much all the characters in that film were morally suspect. That’s a common theme running through all the Westerns that Clint Eastwood starred in and/or directed: you don’t really get any “good guys,” at best you get “bad guys who are less bad than the other bad guys.”

(And then you have Paint Your Wagon, a film that calls into question the morality of anyone who greenlit its production in the first place.)


Oh come on, then we wouldn’t have gems from Lee Marvin like this:

Mrs. Fenty: You should read the Bible, Mr. Rumson.
Ben Rumson: I have read the Bible, Mrs. Fenty.
Mrs. Fenty: Didn’t that discourage you about drinking?
Ben Rumson: No, but it sure killed my appetite for readin’!


Interesting take, and one I can agree with for the most part. To support the thesis, once Little Bill is gone, we know Munny isn’t staying around for anything or anyone, so that’s it for the law in Big Whiskey, at least for the foreseeable future. I can’t imagine that would make for a very nice place without any sort of peacekeeper.

And it wasn’t a nice house Little Bill had built–it was a shambly, leaky thing likely to fall down at the hint of wind.

Paint Your Wagon is a work of psychedelic genius. :slight_smile:


Of course, psychedelic roughly translates to “mind-manifesting” (or revealing). Whose mind are we experiencing?

Paddy Chayefsky. :slight_smile:

I forgot he wrote that! No wonder he became so bitter…



I came back here because I saw just now this on a commercial on Telemundo for Amazon:

Ok, so I’m clearly clueless - what’s the relevance? Apologies if I’m missing something obvious.

Huh, well ain’t that a twist. They used different music for the same commercial, it was supposed to be this music:

Sorry bout that!

I am clearly in a mood. I blame trump.

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I’ve enjoyed morphing this thread into wherever folks are taking it. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to start a thread that just takes off here for whatever reason, like “fuck today” or the marxism thread.

So humbly I offer this morphs lengthened for the cool kids that combines the best of bbs meta chatter and present this gif as an offering to the boongboing gods:


But what is fart? In the metaphysical sense, not the science one (bacteria eating lettuce). @popobawa4u, what do you think? Is it kinda like postmodernism?

I have certainly encountered many who would describe postmodern writing and concepts as “airy”. Some people I knew in the 1990s used fart to describe bits of conversation they couldn’t process, as if instead of talking you farted. I thought that was disingenuous since bodily farts are accidental, while intellectual contrivance seems to be a deliberate undertaking of some effort.

I don’t find farts very interesting myself, but they seem linked to the weird cultural conditioning that “butts are funny” somehow compares to the rest of the body. If somebody’s clothes slip and you see their their thigh or belly, it’s nothing, but if it’s their butt suddenly it becomes hilarious. Yet somehow people can’t say why.


You should! The science behind them is very interesting:

An 80-Year-Old Prank Revealed, Hiding in the Periodic Table!


Alright, so I guess I’m recreating the wheel here from the Associate thread. Mea clupa, I guess.