The inflatable wacky waving tube man desk toy you didn't know you needed


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The real things are a blight upon our beautiful strip malls.




Less than $8 on Amazon


Oh…the lifetime of randomly transient turgidity. The ultimately cruel phallic voodoo doll.


I wanna cover my desk with those guys.



I never used to see these things on the west coast, and then they were suddenly everywhere. Same timing as human sign waving people on the sidewalk. In both cases, I’m too annoyed to care where they came from or why they exist, I just want them to go away.


For the actual people waving signs around the reason for them being there can vary wildly but i know some cities have laws pertaining to roadside advertising and hiring a person to physically hold the sign can be a workaround. Depending on the state the people holding those signs can make bank because they get hazard pay on top of their regular hourly rate, if they are good at twirling the sign around some companies will definitely pay more. Why? I don’t know.


The inflatable air dancer desk toy you didn’t know you

had a chance of ever getting.


Better buy rechargeable batteries or it’ll wind up costing you a lot more than that.


I don’t see nearly enough of these out in the wild, but every time I do I hope for a nearby red light so I can lose myself in its delicate dance.

In other words, do want.


Look for Inflatable Tube Guy desktop. Air Dancer returns no results.


But where will I put my drinking bird? My desk only has so much room.


Search this: Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

I don’t know if I’m allowed to link to a commercial site here on BB.


Will it fit on top of your fart machine? (the one on your desk, not the one in your pants.)


Send the link!


Nvm, found it! Squee!


Ah, but is that the imported model? (Adjusting my monocle)