The intensity of live TV editing of the Oscars in 1996

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I would too. This job looks as stressful as air traffic control, but some thrive on the pressure.


When he went “thank you God” I was waiting for the “ready (#godcam), godcam…”

Pretty disappointed it never came. Other than that I could watch him for a bit, though I don’t want to watch the actual programmes they broadcast…


The guy in the middle is Lou Horvitz. He is the director of the live show, not editor. To guy to his right is Jim Tanker, the Associate Director, who’s in charge of timing and lining things up for the director. To Lou’s right is the Technical Director, who’s in charge of the tech crew, and does the live switching of camera, based on what the director is calling out. And is is indeed as intense today to do a big awards show live.


Those guys are getting -paid-

And they earn every penny of it.

they most certainly do.

reminds me of my college buddy and i talking about how Hal Gurney of Late Night w David Letterman had a winning streak going for the Emmy for Best Editing. We’d watch the show and recognized how intense it could be. My friend’s comment was “Man, i want to watch cable TV with him at the remote.”

this clip was on a whole other level, though. color me impressed; and entertained.

“Live editing”? No, it’s called “directing”.

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That’s some quality coke right there.

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