Brian Williams and Lester Holt perform Rapper's Delight




Cool :slight_smile:


Well we know NBC has digitized the news and has searchable word for word transcripts.


I hope that is how they did it… I pictured some production assistant shackled to an editing console.


It’s really a testimony to Brian William’s enunciation. A sound editor’s dream!


Even though the videos have been machine STT transcribed, I don’t think that there is intelligent machine video editing… yet. My guess is that at the end of the day, editing was a manual task. I wouldn’t have the patience for it now, but in my younger days, I would have spend the production time to earn cred and test my chops.

Also, if machines could do this autonomously, I fear we’d be seeing millions of these… Jesse Ventura autotuned to Eleanor Rigby.


I wonder if the video editor got a credit.


Having seen BW on a number of “30 Rock” segments, I’m a little surprised they didn’t have him do it himself. But it was enjoyable anyway…


These days? Pff. Their unpaid internship should be enough for them.


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