The Internet Archive has recovered 500,000+ of the 50,000,000 songs Myspace "accidentally" deleted during a server migration

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is it running excruciatingly slow for anyone else or is this just my internet connection?

Sadly it appears these songs are not in the rescued archive: (the myspace page is still there but the music doesn’t play)

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I can not get past the typically lousy UI.

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As a professional IT guy here’s what I send to my colleagues when they immediately begin by blaming the network:



1%+ recovered is good, right?


1%+ recovered is good; better than 0 at any rate. Maybe if the Internet Archive was better funded…

I think the problem is the internet archive can only grab certain kinds of files, and MySpace probably wrote their code so downloading the music wasn’t as simple as grabbing the front facing html and images. I’ve noticed most old flash animation isn’t archived either.

The fact that so few people have commented on this thread is part of the problem with MySpace. That people really didn’t care that much. All these little bands (like mine was back in the early 2000s) would get on these sites excited to be able to share music and let the fans start rolling in. But promoting a band is never that simple, and these free platforms mostly attracted crappy bands that no one cares about (like mine was back in the early 2000s). Ha. As someone deeply interested in archiving history, I wish all that music WAS saved no matter how bad the bands were, but that doesn’t mean the general public cares…

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