The internet is a CIA project, says Vladimir Putin

Yes. Even North Korea has an network connecting its universities and military sites. It just doesn’t connect outside the country.

You can even totally stick it to the man by appropriating his imperialist “TCP/IP” and “DNS” tools of oppression for the good of the people by setting up a totally standard IP network and just not connecting to the outside. Poeple think of the two as nearly inseparable, just because most of our IP-capable devices are IP-capable so that we can connect them to the internet (SCADA, medical, and other specialty systems hopefully excepted). It’s not a requirement though. Own root DNS? No problem. No routing outside your internal address space? Just less trouble with tedious peering agreements!

Incidentally, if Putin is interested, I think that Russia deserves a Glorious MotherLAN for a glorious Motherland. He should consider it…


I think Vladimir Putin is a CIA project.

This is an amusing way to discredit so much of the legitimate criticism of Putin that may be found on the internet - it’s all a CIA plot.

Putin is a sensible man. Russia should most definitely fight for its internets.

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