The internet is a CIA project, says Vladimir Putin




Well, he's not far off, since it was a DARPA project.


Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a cup, 2010.

No series of tubes for Mr Putin. Just a simple honest Slavic Cup.


He chose wisely.


I see he has chosen the rockstar/Rod Stewart look for that photo-op.


Could someone please whip up a screenshot from The Point, from the end where Oblio returns to the Town and explains his newfound worldview, and someone yells out: "He's got a point there!"


Well, he got one thing right, although it applies to everybody.


No, no, no. It's not CIA, it's NSA. Get your black ops TLAs right!


Wait, I thought the internet was for porn?


Exactly. A liberal plot to corrupt the pious hearts and minds of the Russian people and turn them away from the true Christ with filthy, filthy porn.


"Look at me wrestle this bear in this photograph which is not staged at all", also says Vladimir Putin.


Sorry but you got it wrong - porn brings (lots of) money!


Is that a photo of David St. Hubbins or Nigel Tufnel? I can't tell.


That's not a hat. He just didn't shave his head this morning.


Vladimir Putin, Christian Crusader?
By Patrick J Buchanan


But it has GAY porn!


What I've never quite managed to grasp is the viewpoint of people who are apparently convinced that the internet is a hideous foreign plot against them; but apparently aren't even considering the notion of just not talking to the parts of it that they don't like any more.

If you are worried that the foreigners are corrupting your precious bodily fluids, I recommend perusing a copy of" Where are my Goddamn Wire Cutters?: An Inebriated Sysadmin's Guide to Really Screwing Up at BGP". You'll be nice and cozy on your own little LAN in no time.


As noted a year ago (to the day even!) on this very blog, CIA covertly funded abstract expressionist art in order to basically troll the Soviets. I guess Putin thinks the net is the more of the same.


Ouch, are the 'culture wars' going so badly that American protestant nutjobs are now willing to acknowledge idol-worshipping eastern orthodox as Real True Christians if they hate homosexuals enough?

Standards are falling, Pat, standards are falling. Back in the day, real protestants couldn't even agree that the guys one church over weren't all hellbound and heretical, and now you've come to this...


what a dork.