The Internet's most hated people of 2015: Where are they now?


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Trump isn’t on the list, therefore not valid

On the bright side: something that doesn’t mention Trump.


What a weird list. Ellen Pao? Sure, she was villainized by white supremacists, etc. for a (perfectly reasonable) policy that she wasn’t even responsible for. It’s pretty weird to describe her as a “villain” for being hated by terrible people, and weird to talk about her as “most hated” when the group against her was actually quite small. And Rachel Dolezal doesn’t seem to have been hated so much as pitied, even if she did make some people angry - I saw a lot of head shaking and eye rolling and people feeling like she was crazy rather than malicious. It’s really a “people involved in internet kerfuffles who aren’t politicians” list.


I thought the ultimate reason for Ellen Pao leaving was the firing of Victoria Taylor (the person in charge of IAMA).


martin shkreli, martin shkreli
hope you get the Dehli-belly

schadenfreude, schadenfreude
hope you grow a hemorrhoida

you may be sick or insane
but we’re all happy the feds arraign


I must have been slacking off from my internet hate-mob this year, I haven’t heard of most of these people.

Related, Jon Ronson on the fallout to his So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed book.


Yay! I didn’t make the list!


You didn’t miss anything. Internet lynch mobs, like religion or philosophy, are places where time and effort come to die.


I was surprised Tim Hunt wasn’t on the list…


thanks for mentioning Trump, I hadn’t gotten my Trump fix of the day. Trump.


There, there, it will be all right - there’s always next year





One down, a few thousand to go…


So what’s the common theme here? How do I make next year’s list?


We shall both go down… Together.



Have they named the law about mentioning Trump in Internet threads?

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