The intrinsic comedy of a self-inflating airplane emergency escape slide


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so after seeing that, you expect me to just sit there on a plane AND NOT PULL THE CORD?!?!


It looks like it starts life in a relatively small cardboard box, one that could be carried into all sorts of interesting places, like for example a tour bus. That would get interesting really fast.


Gitmo Cellmate A: Whatcha in for?

Gitmo Cellmate B: Tasered for having too much fun.


does the pilot have to say ‘shoot’


two articles posit different methods of inflation - one states a chemical reaction:

and another compressed gas using a venturi to add to the volume for inflation:




Self-inflating Life Raft sulks quietly in the corner, remembering the days when they were the top banana…sniff.



One of those and some vegetable oil, shoot, a fella’ could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.



I call him jumpy


That will be my new party trick!!


I once got invited to a tour of the United Airlines maintenance hangar at SFO, and the director in charge of evacuation slides gave us a similar demonstration. It unfurled with an incredibly loud bang and roar.

Interesting tidbit I learned that day – when the head flight attendant says “doors latched and cross checked” they are instructing the other flight attendants to “arm” the escape slides (if not already) on the doors. Once armed, the slides will deploy automatically when the door is opened. There is a small visual indicator letting people on the outside of the plane know whether the slides are armed preventing a gate agent from literally getting crushed to death by an escape slide.


If it works anything like a car airbag, you can expect some nice burn marks to go along with your broken bones. You could see a clear impression of wrinkles in the fabric burned onto my face for about a week after my buddy drove us into a wall.


The clever bit is getting it all put away again. Does it grant wishes, beyond, “Get me the fuck away from this blazing/sinking plane!”?


Best kids birthday party EVAH.
“Instant Bouncy Castle ! !!”


I hear that a lot.


But the remaining pickings would be somewhat slim


…and creatin’ a nuisance…