The Jesus and Mary Chain: "Psychocandy" now on tour



Sold out in Seattle before I even heard about it.

But there’s asshole scalpers selling tickets with a $100 markup on StubHub.

I really hate that shit.

Austin looks like the show to catch. 3 day festival with Flaming Lips, Primal Scream, Spiritualized, and Diiv…yeah, and a weekend in Austin.

Primal Scream as well?

They should get Bobby Gillespie back on stage with them.

I guess it’s time for another visit to the mother-in-law in toronto.

Hmmm… How do I feel about this? I saw them on tour for Psychocandy originally. The opening band was The Flaming Lips, who played really well, and were really funny (drunk/stoned/in touch with their third eye/who knows) for an hour and a half. At one point, the lead singer had been going on for ten minutes on a rambling guitar solo, when the drummer got up and pushed him over. Pure awesome.

Then the gloomy ones came out, and yes, their music was often really impressive sounding, but as performers, they appeared to be sleepwalking. The drummer had a floor tom and a snare, and occasionally lost the beat. The front man stood there like a statue with his head cocked to one side… OR THE OTHER… for the whole set, and the guitarist was stuck in the back crouched away from the audience with his guitar face first into the amp stack. It lasted a little under forty-five minutes.

I remember spending $8 for this show, and had it only been J&M Chain, I would have felt robbed.

I saw ‘The Mary Chain’ at the O2 Academy in Leeds on Tuesday night and they were fantastic. If you’re a fan and can get tickets I’d highly recommend going.

I’ve loved JAMC for years and never got the opportunity to see them live in the 80’s. Unlike the legendary 20 minute sets ‘back in the day’ they were on stage for well over an hour.

Looking forward to the new band biopic ‘Barbed Wire Kisses’ by Zoe Howe that is due out shortly.

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