X: The Unheard Music documentary


I just saw them last night in concert. They still rock hard.

I have this on Laserdisc, VHS, DVD (both editions) and Blueray. Needless to say, I Love This Movie… it might figger since X is my favorite band.

oh yeah… i also have the teaser and theatrical posters and the promo kit.

and to top it all off… i saw the movie, twice, in 1986 at the diamond point theater in waco, tx. i believe it was there for the total of 7 days.


I accidentally crashed a gig of theirs out in Bakersfield at Buck Owen’s CRYSTAL PALACE - X still has it. Refreshingly, their audience seemed balance between younger new fans and older, faded tattoo LA punk fans. EXENE writes a weekly advice column for the OC Weekly - Tyson Kindell (AKA Billy Zoom) is pushing 66, but he can still play very well while motionless

Hey… small internet.

Thanks Rob,

This is the 1st movie I have ever watched fully online. People I have met plus lots of references to friends. What a great band. Also, Billy Zoom does not sweat.

And of course it closes with “The Have Nots”. Again, thanks for the link.

Thanks! I am so down for this. My first impression of X was seeing The Decline Of Western Civ at my school’s film committe showing because i was into Fear and Black Flag. As we know, X was the best and I was all “how have I never heard of this band!?” Never heard of this doc, though.

Saw 'em at the Masquerade the first tour they reunited with Zoom, 02 I think it was. A packed house going bonkers and i swear they played every track off the first four albums. And yes, Zoom played his guitar blisteringly while gazing at the crowd like a goon, motionless the whole time.

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