Weird Al scales back for his 2018 'Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour'

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Weird Al unplugged, and Emo who was never plugged-in in the first place?

Right on.


My friends just finished a film/documentary about Emo Philips that has some bits with Weird Al and Andy Daily and some other folks. They went on tour with Emo and apparently became fairly good friends.

I’ve seen a rough cut, and it’s pretty good.

I don’t know when it will actually get released, or in what form, but I figured it would be relevant here.


I wouldn’t mind having Weird Al in my living room.


I’m a responsible adult and I still hum Nature Trail To Hell about every day.


Thanks for the earworm!


I understand the technical term is Greedy Bastard Tour

I went to his last tour (I think it was last year) and he was flawless. Seems that the tickets for his Austin stop haven’t gone up on sale but i’m definitely interested, hopefully i can snag a ticket. I’m not as familiar with his entire catalogue but still i very much recommend seeing him.

Also i hung out after his show by his tour bus and he was nice enough to sign autographs to about 7 people that were there including me. Even after he had spent like 2 extra hours doing VIP meet & greets, and he looked ragged and exhausted and i give him a lot of props for being kind enough to spare a few minutes of his time at like 2am to sign stuff.


I can’t wait for the Nardwuar interview. And maybe Steven Wright can join too, for no apparent reason.

I was at a random bar punk/industrial bar in Kalamazoo and he walked in after a concert to chill. He beat me at pool and gave me an autograph on a torn pizza box. Good times.


Does anybody ever go to concerts to hear obscure songs they barely remember? I’ve read interviews with bands who lament fans only want to hear “greatest hits.”


We’re just going to walk out on stage, sit down on stools, and play a bunch of old songs. Oh, and we’re going to be performing almost exclusively originals (i.e. not parodies). The deep cuts and obscure tracks. The songs that were never hits. The ones you barely remember.

If the set list includes “Albequerque”, I’m in…


Depends on the band. The Cure have done a couple of tours to specifically focus on deeper cuts, and for a band that actually does have more to their catalogue than the singles and a sizeable proportion of the fanbase that wants to hear them, that’s fine.

Mountain Goats gigs are full of people trying to out-obscure each other when calling requests.

The trend a few years back for bands to play albums back to front, including the filler nobody ever cared about, was a much worse idea that outstayed its welcome.

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Nowhere near my neck of the woods. I haz a sad.


This is completely subjective, but I’m pretty sure that a a lot of Weird Al’s funniest songs are overshadowed by his parodies.


Good enough friends to be in the movie at least

I meant that the people that made the documentary became friends with Emo. Sorry, too many pronouns.

I think everyone should be issued with a personal Weird Al, but then I am a little bit socialist :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bob Dylan has a tendency to do that with most shows. And you usually never knew what either Zappa or the Grateful Dead were going to do on any given night.


The trend a few years back for bands to play albums back to front, including the filler nobody ever cared about, was a much worse idea that outstayed its welcome

Except I saw Sonic Youth doing all of Daydream Nation, and it was beyond magnificent. I count myself lucky to have caught that one.