Weird Al announces his 2019 tour will include orchestras


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Excellent. Sadly not something i can currently afford but i hope some happy mutants here are able to go! I saw him on tour last year, which was amazing, and he was super gracious to sign some tickets hours and hours later (it was almost 1am and he had been doing a paid meet & greet while me and other fans waited by his bus), he didn’t really have to so i respect him for taking the time to sign stuff when he was clearly exhausted.

His bassist and tour manager were there hanging out with us fans while we waited for him to come to the tour bus. They were a lot of fun to talk to :smiley:


Eat it, EAT IT!


So – the exact opposite of his last tour! Sounds like a good time, and Al is one of the best live acts (and nicest guys) out there, so I’m happy to see him again. Even if this is mostly the hits, I got to see him play “Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” and “Albuquerque” last time, so my wish-fulfillment show is complete.


I am no fan, but that image is spectacular!


It must be exhilaratingly exhaustive to just BE Weird Al. I wish him the best, but have you ever noticed that Al looks suspiciously like AI (one of those has a small letter and the other does not). Weird.


I love Al’s work but does anyone else find it odd how he just does not seem to age at all?!


Ask me again in a few hundred years.


Dude’s been a vegetarian for a long time! (as I noted on a previous thread)

Al mentions Lisa Popeil as a backup singer. IIRC she sang backup on Al’s “Mr. Popeil,” a song about her own father!


I believe the medical term is Dick Clark Syndrome.


This means he is financially supporting local classical musicians, at a time when there is less and less government funding for the arts, and private donations and ticket sales have been dropping in that sector as well.

Just when I think I know how much of a mensch he is, he resets the bar.


Oh my god :slight_smile: I wondered about that when I saw her name, but figured nah, must be a coincidence…


Meh. Last time WA came to my town, the tickets insta-sold out and the only avenue to see the show was via scalpers who had access to the ticket seller API.

Maybe someone will record it and it can become TV.

I’m not bitter, can you tell?


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