The Joker goes surfing


This is where you play “Wipeout”.

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Joker don’t surf!

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Yeah, Mark… Why so serious!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the board shorts, brah…

And I’d be looking pretty dour if I had to surf in my soaked party clothes…

You’d think that Batman would be more likely to hit the waves with Aquaman, but apparently surfing is one of the few things that could get Batsy and Mr. J. to put their differences aside for a few hours.


“Why isn’t he laughing hysterically?”

He’s wearing a full velour suit and gloves on a beach.


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He’s sad there are no waves.


Cesar Romero was THE best Joker!


And his swim trunks OVER his pants!

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I remember this episode- they had a surfing contest. Joker had better tricks and was winning, but Batman used his bat shark repellent spray to avoid an obstacle and won from behind!

Because Aquaman sucks, that’s why.

hahahahahah ini sangant menarik

He’s still a step up from Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

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