The Joy of Fix: Fixing and making feels good


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I’d suggest wearing pants, lest one become fixed while fixing.


This ad is kind of weird, but Sugru is really awesome stuff, and any geek should have a pack or two in the fridge. (Lasts longer that way.) It’s one of those things that solves problems you didn’t know you had: it doesn’t seem impressive just to consider it, but once you’ve got it you start seeing really useful applications everywhere.

The problem is that simply using Sugru doesn’t make your repairs look any better. If you’re bad at making fimo clay or putty do what you want, your Sugru fix is going to look sloppy too. Sooner or later, those of you who have poor fine motor skills will grow to loathe your awful, lumpy Sugru monstrosity, even if Sugru does magically make other peoples’ clothes disappear.

In that vein(and speaking as one with dubious sculpturely credentials but a healthy enthusiasm for over-engineering) do you know how well Sugru plays with moulds/forms?

Given that its adhesive capabilities are a marketing point there are obviously some sticking concerns; but if it can be formed around the target object with the use of moulds or forms(so either in place until set, with a release agent, or there long enough to press it into shape, then removed before it starts to set) that gives you the option of handling the tough geometry without a hardening-imposed time limit and with the aid of measuring instruments, machine tools, 3d printers, etc.

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