Turn your earbuds into custom fits with Sugru


Sugru is silicone rubber, not polymer clay. It is fast-curing and super useful, though.

Also, I know you guys need to squeeze your Amazon referral link in there, but couldn’t you have linked the actual product website as well? Sugru’s history and applications should be of great interest to happy mutants.


Thanks. Sugru looks interesting.

It does look like a great idea! I’m not going to be a nay-sayer, but just remember:



yeah, I thought the maxim was never put anything into your ear smaller than your elbow

This looks like the kind of thing that looks easy to do and most people would have no problem but would end up with me in the emergency room.

When I was six, my uncle showed me a magic trick where it looks like you’re sticking a cherry pit up your nose. Sure enough, an ER doctor had to remove the cherry pit from my nose.

I’ll stick with holding a transistor radio up to my ear.


Sugru is the best. I bought my wife a little sampler pack and she’s doing all sorts of stuff with it. I even fixed a cable for my headphones.

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Or you could just buy a set of in-ear headphones (personally I would recomend some from my favorite german audio equipment manufacturer) which are both designed to mould themselves to your ear and made in a way so as to not leak half the bass in a direction away from your ear.

Unless you are one of those people (like the human I love the most) who has a terrible habit of losing earbuds or washing them. Or you are like me and occasionally smash earbuds in car doors or step on them. Or you have a cat that likes to dig them out of your purse and drag them around the house. That gets expensive really fast. We buy earbuds from monoprice.com. http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=108&cp_id=10823&cs_id=1082303&p_id=8321&seq=1&format=2
inexpensive, minimal packaging, work well, sound good, and no big deal if a pair is destroyed.

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I love sugru. I’ve used it to fix and improve everything from a pair of boots, chips in the case of my computer, to a wiggling shelf. I used it to create a loop on a laundrymat smartcard, so I could attach the card to a badge reel and the reel to my jeans. Never lost the smartcard after that. When we no longer needed the card, I decided to test how tough that loop was… very tough! I couldn’t get it off the card without the use of a very sharp knife. The surgru had bonded really well to the card.

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What could possibly go wrong?

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I always thought that was just something you say so you can laugh while watching people trying to put their elbow in their ear, like telling people that “you can’t kick yourself in the nuts”.

For those of you who have not heard of Sugru before and are skeptical, it is amazing stuff. Lots and lots of examples of really ingenious uses are posted everywhere online. Great history behind its development too. I always keep some packets stored in my refrigerator, there’s just too many things Sugru can be used to make annoying things function a little better.

Here’s somebody who took it one step further (which is what I thought the OP would be, actually): http://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-full-ear-silicone-earpieces-via-the-magic-o/

I bought some of this stuff and smooshed it around my earbuds and let it set. Light, perfect fit.

Annoyingly, Amazon.com doesn’t ship that stuff to Canada. Have to buy it from Amazon.ca, where it is significantly more expensive. Booo Amazon! But apparently Bass Pro Shops sells it too - I guess if you’re a hunter, ear protection is a good thing.

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