Sugru as a tonic for noisy annoyances


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Put a nipple on it!


As pictured, if you push on the wrong part of the plate it may feel unstable.

To make the plate as/more usable than without sugru, they would need to apply to the whole circumference, or perhaps several more nipples. Is it too expensive to do this? Has anyone tried it? How much would it cost?

If you’re pushing down hard enough on the edge of the plate to make it rock, it would probably be doing that even without the Sugru pads. Still, I think you could do five or six pads with one 5g Sugru mini pack if you were frugal with it. Mini packs come 8 to a package for $22. Counting shipping, that’s around about $3 a plate.

Or, if you planned to do all your dishes at once, you could get the 100g “huge lump of Sugru” for $20 and go as low as $1 a plate. Sugru cures hard within a day of being exposed to air, though, so don’t plan on reusing any leftovers.

Sugru is really great stuff. So far I’ve fixed a really awkward break in an expensive pair of headphones, and repaired and re-waterproofed a pair of shoes whose soles were falling off.

Seems like a bit of a waste of Sugru if it could be done more cheaply, more invisibly and more quickly using clear rubber sticky pads

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Good for the door and the toilet seat, but those won’t work too well on plates that sit on a raised circular ridge. I’m also skeptical that they’d survive a trip through the dishwasher. (Sugru is specifically called out as dishwasher-proof.)

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