The Klok: a lovely, concentric, crowdfunded slide-rule-esque watch

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I like it. I don’t four hundred and forty dollars like it, but I like it.


I don’t €400 much like any watch. But from what I understand of the subject even machine made movements of this complexity would run quite a lot. Quality dependant that could be a very good price for something like this. And its gorgeous. Very much like the very basic, classic watches from early Swiss makers, but with a bit of that deliberately hard to read bit that became trendy when cellphones took over.

Provided the movement is mechanical. and the scare quotes around “swiss made” in the product description doesnt mean its a cheap asian movement. That price is pretty alright.

Still I wouldnt be buying it until they have a few years of reputation building under their belt. They’re pretty vague on their site about mechanical and quality details. Lots of life style marketing and “your style, slide rule! we mention Japan! FASHION”. Doesn’t inspire confidence.


Uses a Soprod SOP 813 mechatronic movement, apparently. So it’s a quartz watch of some sort.


Seems like a well regarded maker of Swiss mechanical movements. Which is a good sign.


Very cool watch, but what I really want is a watch based on this:

I haven’t quite sussed out the exact method of time indication, but I’m thinking that the big cat is the hour indicator.


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