The kung fu nuns of Kathmandu

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Grateful for their work after the big 2015 earthquake in Nepal:

Also a shout out the Afghan wimmin working to empower themselves likewise:


Kung fu nuns wearing Covid masks! A well of GIFy goodness…


Not to be confused with this group!

I wonder if the Amitabha Drukpa nuns were part of the inspiration for the Qowat Milat in Picard.


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When you dig deep enough, every religion turns out to be about controlling women. Funny how universal that is. Not “ha ha” funny, but you know.


Paraphrased: “Grab-em by the pussy and their hearts and minds will follow.”

Yes. She is spot on about sexism ingrained in the religion. (And repeating, this is not to say there isn’t sexism in nearly every religion practiced on earth today). Women cannot set foot on some of the holy sites. In the karmic belief system, a woman cannot achieve enlightenment - she must be reincarnated as a male first. I hope these things can change but there are of course other perspectives and most of the women accept it - it’s just ingrained in the belief system they are raised with.

I really like that the male sect leader set out to change this system and these nuns have such a clear sense of knowledge/responsibility/ownership for what can change for the better. I hope other monk leaders in other Buddhist sects embrace similar changes. Also love the cycling trip.


This diverse, religious group, thriving in Kathmandu, producing art, and surviving, is truly a bright spot. While too many parts of Nepal have remained rooted in “backwards” culture, as some of the more jaded activists among them put it, it has definitely advanced to reach certain hilltops. This is a good example of an advancement that needs to continue. Hell, while they’re at it, let them ride Trek bicycles. I mean, there are so many basic needs that are not being met all over the country, like nutrition and sanitation, let alone equality and respect. As if speaking for his people, an old friend of mine once claimed, people find enormous peace and tranquility in the simple, traditional way of life, what to do? Yet there is nothing simple or old about these Kung Fu Nuns. They must keep training and growing stronger.


Watched 36 Chambers Of Shaolin saturday, saw the article about the nuns pop up the next day on NPR, thought it was really strange timing.

These nuns are awesome human beings, and I salute them. Singlehandedly doing their thing even though many in the valley consider them heretics (read the article) can’t be easy.

Totally Awesome!

This checks two of the boxes for a quality movie, per Dolomite.

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