Cow family survives New Zealand quake


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It’s rare for Gaia to pass up some red meat…perhaps she’d had her fill of human?


I suppose the rest of the herd was not so lucky.


That would make a great “YES” album cover.


Oh no, she wanted them. The cows were simply too powerful.


This reminds me of an Onionesque parody newspaper effort of long ago. Perhaps elderly BB’ers can help me out.

It was called something like “The Dayton Republican Democrat”. Giant font headline was something to the effect: “Two Dayton Women Missing in China”. A long detailed article on the pair and their friend’s and family’s inexplicable inability to contact them followed. Other related articles abounded.

Near the bottom of the front page was a small note: “Millions Dead in China Quake: see story on page 6”.


What was this field on top of, loose sand? Caverns? Why would it fall away like that, and where did the material go?


According to this video, it slid downhill, with these cows ‘surfing’ on that chunk:

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