Why did all these cows jump off a cliff to their deaths?


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Google “Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump”, a delightfully-named location in what is now known as Alberta, used by indigenous people to relatively easily harvest wild bison.


Heard it was better than getting vaccinated?

Goop said it was the best way to clean your hooha?

Faux News said Liberals hate it?


The rest were cremated at a meat waste facility, to the dismay of a local animal warden who wanted to inspect them to help determine why they leaped to their deaths…

Nice cover-up! Now we’ll never know if it was Obama’s fault or Clinton’s.


Looks like South Park saw this coming years ahead of time


Why did all these cows jump off a cliff to their deaths?

Because Trump was trying to hold their ‘hands’.


Grab them by the udders


(Deleted scene from Alien 3; freshly chest-busted cow)


They didn’t jump. Disney pushed them.


To get to the other side!


I smell ‘pun time’… but I won’t go there. Nope.


no tracks or spores on top of the cliff

“Spores”? Really? The particles by which fungi reproduce? I bet you mean “spoors”, the leavings (such as feces) that can be used to track an animal.

Homonyms are killers, because they fool spell checkers.


someone contact Gary Larson, he’ll know.


I’m guessing they were taunted a second time


Why? A sudden collective realization of what life had in store for them. That, and spite.


News flash: cows are dumb as shit. All it takes is for one cow to start running, and the rest will follow. They don’t know why, and the first one doesn’t wither.


Or someone farted in their general direction?


Fetchez la vache!!


The yaks pushed them.
Everyone is wandering around, scratching their heads…“Look at all these dead cows at the bottom of the cliff, while the yaks now have the pasture all to themselves at the top of the cliff, how come the cows jumped but not the yaks? If only the yaks could tell us…”