The legendary career of George Perez

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Perez put more detail into one panel than most artists put in an entire page.


Man, how I love his art in " Crisis on Infinite Earths" and " Teen Titans".

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I saw the news the other day. He is a legend. I met him just once at a con, and didn’t have a comic to sign, but I do have this special LE Hardback version of the Art of the Star Wars Galaxy, featuring art from the card set by the same name. (LE doesn’t do it justice, it is in a felt lined box, satin lined interior, hand marbled paper on the cover, and embossed.) Anyway, I have slowly gotten people who have art in the book to sign it (it came pre-signed by a couple dozen artists, including Ralph McQuarrie - the reason I bought it) George Perez was delightful and a pleasure to talk to. I have a paintball friend who is also and artist who is good friends with him, and we talked about our mutual acquaintance a bit.

Cancer really sucks. I wish him and his family the best in the next year.

Cancer sucks, my kid’s godmother, who was in her late 40s, just died from having a cancer that IIRC was in the peritoneal. And an acquaintance has a 6 year old girl with brain cancer, though they have had some relief from an experimental drug. Still…

In happier news, my former work friend is officially in remission from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. So that is good.

If you can find a copy, check out his amazing work on JLA/Avengers, written by Kurt Busiek. His iconic use of Superman with Marvel props - did that influence a scene in Endgame?


Brilliant stuff. I was a die hard Marvel guy, but his work on Teen Titans (and everything else) was so fantastic I had no choice but to buy those books. No choice at all.


This title was what made me and my brother turn into comics nerd types.

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