George Perez: one of the greatest to ever do it

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George Perez was one of those guys who could do ensemble books so well. 6 Characters in a story? No problem. Huge cross over with 100 characters? No problem.

Another great artist who we lost too soon. Though fans knew this was coming due to him being diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. :frowning:

I got to meet him once, and he was very personable. We have a mutual friend we talked about. I had him sign my limited edition copy of The Art of the Star Wars Galaxy book which has a piece by him in there. Very gregarious, and usually seen in colorful Hawaiian shirts.

Anyway - a legend in the field and will be missed.


RPI comics legend George Perez

Rest Peace In??


Yes, I’m wondering about that also.

Typos in headlines are always amusing as they stand out like…well like headlines.

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