The legendary console Led Zeppelin used to record 'Stairway to Heaven' goes up for sale


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Bonham’s Aution House? I wonder what their gavel sounds like?


They should have put this on the Voyager Golden records. It is one of mankind’s greatest achievements.


I’m pretty sure it cost six figures new, at least in current currency.


Well, I’m not buying it…


“How do I play the drums like Jon Bonham?”

You don’t.”


I believe Dave Grohl has the highest bid for the darn thing.


Is the word “bespoke” popular and being overused right now, or am I just suddenly recognizing it?


This article did remind me of this documentary. I really enjoyed it, apart from the Stevie Nicks track.

Yep, Dave should buy it.


Surely Dave Grohl could just wait until someone else buys it and then invite himself around to do a bit of session drumming. I’d certainly be happy to have him drop by.


Not going to make you sound like any of them.


A friend of mine from college worked hard for years and built his own studio, then sold his share of it and built another studio, and recently had to dismantle it and I guess part a lot of it out, not enough business for brick and mortar studios these days.


And she’s buying the stairway to heaven console.

Nope, console just doesn’t fit on the end there.


Try “When the tape-head breaks” instead.


hopefully its usage will go the way of “twee” very very soon.


Should be in a museum of sorts…


Pretty sad if you ask me that this is ending up in an auction house.

A vintage desk (it’s a desk, not a console coz we’re Brits see…) should not be in a museum or in the hands of some Russian oligarch who has run out of toys to buy and needs another coke-snorting surface for his man-cave.

Llike a 300 y/old Stradavarius, an analogue desk like this is a finely matured instrument, and should be put back into service.

As Aristotle used to say, the best flutes belong in the hands of the best flute players…


Led Zep recorded “Stairway to Heaven” in 1971. How did they use this console if it was built in 1996?


My favorite usage is now 20 years along…



This is a great video on him -