The legendary KXVO pumpkin dance, in full

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Of course it’s a soundalike! Did the original airing have the actual Ray Parker Jr version? Did they swap this facsimile in for the upload just to get around rightsbot or something?


Following a tarot reading and a séance, I can confirm that this is a wonderful thing. :ghost::ghost::ghost::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern::jack_o_lantern:

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From what I’ve heard, this soundalike was the original used, from a Hallmark CD or something along those lines. It does sound like something they might have had on hand at the studio while rushing to slap together content (this was literally finished only minutes before it aired).


If anyone else is curious to read about the guy inside the leotard: The man behind the mask — Matt Geiler, a.k.a. Dancing Pumpkin Man — tells his story | CBC Radio


I had never seen this before until yesterday when I stopped into a bar, and they had it playing (with the sound off, a football game was on), I thought it was some local thing. If not for that I would not have read this article. So I Baader–Meinhoffed myself.

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