The Loch Ness ladle


Dishwasher safe, not microwave safe

I’m hard-pressed to think up a use-case where I’d even want to put a ladle in the microwave.


Maybe if you mistook the ladle for a plesiosaur, and wanted plesiosaur soup? I don’t have this problem with my ordinary ladles.

My metal lades are just as useless in the microwave! Why won’t someone come up with a solution?


Thanks Obama!


Disappointed that Cory didn’t post the picture of Nessie in the soup

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WARNING: Ladle is very tiny, for a ladle. Check dimensions before ordering!

Also, according to reviewers, it is not sturdy enough for heavy soups.

That being said, I luuuuuuurrrrves the design. I am going to see if I can find time to make a bigger sturdier one. Something in stainless and wood, maybe… or thick copper…

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May I order one in steel and/or wood when you finish manufacturing?

I’d like to go on record and recommend that you not use metal ones in your microwave.

On. Record.

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Thanks for that! I never would’ve known about that danger if you hadn’t mentioned it!

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Why take chances, you know?

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Sadly I never make two of the same thing. I have too many projects, and too little anvil time…

On the other claw, by the time I get around to making one, you’ll probably be able to buy a nice metal one from the folks who came up with the idea in the first place. If they read Amazon & BB comments, they’ll know there’s a market waiting to be filled!

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I got this pastasaurus scoop for a couple bucks. It’s fairly small but looks cool.

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