The longest running Japanese comedy series that you've never heard of

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My first night in Tokyo it was raining, so the hostel-mates and I got drunk on vending machine beers and watched late night television in the common room all night to adjust to what we dubbed “Nippon Time” (pronounced with the most exaggerated, slurred American accent you can muster in the same vein as “Miller Time”)

Based on this extremely scientific study of the Japanese media landscape I’d argue it’s the longest running intentional comedy.

Anyways, thanks for the video - I “laughed out loud” (after duckduckgoing “dango”)

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Never heard of, but I’ll bet that echos of Tora-San have appeared in anime, completely unnoticed by me.

(Need my One Piece fix this weekend.)


Ah scarecrow video is truly a treasure

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From the sounds of it, fans of Tora San may also enjoy Ken Shimura’s Bakatono sama.


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The director of many of the Tora-san movies, Yoji Yamada, has gone on to make his very fine Samurai Trilogy:
The Twilight Samurai
The Hidden Blade
[Love and Honor]Love and Honor (2006 film) - Wikipedia


In non-pandemic times we have an annual festival in town which is in small part an explicit homage to Tora-san:


I did a video about Tora-San a while back. The sweet whimsicality of the series can’t easily be described. It’s a unique and wonderful series.

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