Vintage commercial for Morinaga snacks is hilarious

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The Tunnels! Brings it all back.

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Gara gara hebi ga natte kuru!

I need to dig out that CD and give it a listen. :slight_smile:


Not bad, but I still give top marks to Konsome Panchi:

With the Long Man series in close behind:


Damn. Somebody please translate those long man ads. Great production values.

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Just looking at the still frame I could hear “LO-ong LO-ong ma-ANNNN”. So good.

What was the series in which the boyfriend is rendered increasingly quadriplegic by the psychotic girlfriend who punishes him for thinking about tasting her yummy food? Maybe it’s easier to search for than I’m thinking, but I assume there are BBers who know just what I’m talking about.

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Fruity Oaty Bar commercial, including subliminal military code to trigger River.

I remember that series! Can’t remember the yummy food-maybe a kind of wafer cookie bar?

Is this how Cyriak got his start?

Haunts me in so many ways.

Long long maaaaaaaaan


1st in a series

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That’s the first of them… I’m pretty sure I saw them subtitled in English though.
Aha! Found them in my comment history.

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