These Japanese gummy commercials make up the funniest ad series I've ever seen


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Such long gummy. :rofl:


Almost pornographic.


So long, Chi-chan.


I’m going to be hearing ~LONG LONG MAN~ in my nightmares


Oh god, his suit coattails… I’m dying this is fking hilarious


This is an amazing series of commercials!

And now I can’t stop singing “Long long maaaaaaannnnnn!”


Oh my God that’s fantastic. Do you (or does anyone else) know how the ads were aired originally–were they really played separately, spread out and repeated so some viewers might see them out of order or with missing bits? Or are they made solely for a “binge” consumption online?


That was a long long way to go to reach the twist!


It sure beats those god-awful Folger’s ads. Folger’s, right? I’m not even gonna check this.


Is there a second season? Is it coming to Netflix?


I like the look Long Man gives her at the end of the first commercial: “I don’t know. Should I? This could mean trouble.”


I would watch it.


Well played Sakeru, well played.


Yeah, that was quite the catterwallin’. Those commercials did not make me laugh. It literally hurt my ears. Gawd Almighty!


It kept getting better and better. I laughed aloud.


A truly “watch until the end” situation.


I felt like there was GIFsound potential here.

I was right.


It reminds me of GM. Same Sax - you think?NGDA

Long Long maaaaaaan! OMG brain worm.


That was a long long innuendo.