The Low Darts is an awesome cover band of teenagers

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Youtube is certainly awash with talent!


I think i’ve posted my favorite cover band before…I like how they do everything live, one take, like a live performance cover in the studio


Well, that’s just pure awesome! Thank you. I like that the drummer takes the lead on the singing on this track.

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Pretty amazing how he does a great Ringo impression and also takes the lead on the falsetto “underwater” harmony during the guitar solo.


I’m going to watch the Low Darts view count to see if BoingBoing exposure pulls their songs out of the 2,000 - 5,000s range.


That was most satisfying. Shabby is easy. To do the Dan so well is no mean feat. I want more!

what’s in the water up there in Fairfield CT? these kids are pretty damn good.

WTF!! Why are kids even interested in this music genre and do they know what a ‘Steely Dan’ is??

Get off my lawn.

OK, I really liked it!

They surely do deserve more attention. I’ve passed them along to my friends.

Hey they are pretty good … but … what’s with the short hair?

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