"The Magician's Elephant" Review: An Elephant-Sized Misfire for Netflix

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Vilna is the old Russian name for Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, so giving a character called Vilna a Russian accent is not going to offend anyone at all, especially not right now. /s


Eh, I liked it. I watched last night to get a sense if my 5 year old grand-kid would like it. It’s a kids movie and it’s not Paw Patrol, so for me that’s a win.


Here’s a kids’ movie on Netflix with 97% on RT (and I liked it too!).


Agreed, that was a great movie, but it might be too much for a five year old. When they’re a bit older, though, it’s a great watch.


I liked it too. Kept my youngest entertained and yeah, it’s not Paw Patrol or it’s I’ll. I also didn’t see any thing too obvious to merchandise so that’s also a win.


I guess it depends on the child. Our then 4 and 8 year old both enjoyed it on movie night. It was one of the few movies where half way through he didn’t turn to me and say, “Dad can I go poop now?”… For context we eat dinner while watching the movie. Normally potty time is after dinner time. He is also a big fan of the Minion movies, but those aren’t Netflix created.

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That was more fun than watching Gene Siskel put in a dental dam and a half kilo of lube and just gum the book to smithereens -or- Anne of Power Washing Moss-Decrepit Gables.

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Makes me think of Chomet’s “The Illusionist”, which concludes with a properly nasty message about how magic does not exist and is not uplifting in the slightest.

Now, when you say “grizzly war veteran” do you mean a war veteran who is herself a gray-haired toughie or do you mean a veteran of the Grizzly War? Because that second option actually sounds kind of exciting.


The illustration doesn’t really reflect the situation on the ground, though.

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