The Mainstream Media is actually one event production company in Chicago

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Clever of them. I tend to use “corporate media” these days, though, to describe the large mass media outlets that prioritise profits over informing and educating the public and exposing lies, BS, and wrongdoing.


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FYI, the link to the Chomsky audiobook has the extra word “in” added. I thought maybe this was a new work, but nope, just a typo.

And to the Chicago LLC – nice one.

There’s that mystery solved, but… what about the LAMESTREAM MEDIA, @thomdunn!

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I see it help with getting the phones to ring, but dealing with the added impotent rage seems like a distraction from, you know, operating a business. How much of this impotent rage actually leads to paying customers?


After the events of the past couple of years ,especially January 6, I’d hardly call their rage impotent. Some of these folks are downright dangerous.


Yep, beat me to it. I find that term especially useful for dealing with liberal friends and relatives who pat themselves on the back for watching MSNBC.

Sometimes I also ask what news came out today on the many strikes going on around the US on that network’s “Labor Hour” (which of course doesn’t exist – why would a corporate conglomerate want to call much of any attention at all to labor news?).


people called, emailed, and tweeted at the business every week. Last year, a pair from South Carolina phoned him repeatedly for an hour. “They legitimately thought I was the mainstream media Donald Trump was talking about,” Bacon said.

Of course Trump supporters are dumb enough to do that. I can’t tell if this indicates the phrase “mainstream media” is meaningless even to the people ostensibly upset about it, or if these morons think the entire mainstream media has a single point of contact.


Do you have a media outlet or outlets you prefer? Right now I’m getting most of my news off of Reddit, which is a super bad idea.


Yes, the first three that come to mind are

Democracy Now
Black Agenda Radio
Behind the News (with Doug Henwood)

The first, a daily hour, has longer interviews than soundbite corporate media allows, with figures and perspectives the corporate media also tend to disallow. The other provide analysis from an acknowledged left perspective.

Other folks here may want to chime in. The Intercept has some good podcasts, as does Jacobin.


Union-busting at “leftwing” MSNBC. Sure to be a big topic on all their newschat programs!


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