The making of the Upside Down

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I had to stop half way through after he kept interrupting and talking over her.


He really didn’t want her to finish a thought, did he?


Too many ups. - RL Burnside

The season one version of the upside-down was much better. Of course they had to raise the stakes, bring the monsters closer in to our world, and make it less special for all of that. Leaving it at a single season would have been just fine, it was perfect as it was.

Except for leaving a giant, growing interdimensional rift open…


Politely disagree. The second season (and the reveal of the upside down) was harrowing and everything I hoped (feared?!) it would be.

Looking for more in S3.


i found this video to be almost as dull as season two of stranger things. i mean, it wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t great. anyway, that guy doesn’t seem to know much about vfx which is probably why he’s interrupting constantly. she knows more than he does and he’s intimidated. this video doesn’t really explain anything anyway. at 8:32 all he did was draw swirly lines to reinforce exactly what we see. it’s a particle system. i get it. you don’t have to draw the turbulence field and the shield blast from eleven! come on.

not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Somehow, I think Barb and anyone else in Hawkins, Indiana who became ‘dinner’ for the demogorgons and demo-dogs would disagree…


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