The man who lives in a roach motel


I thought he was named Joe, as in “Joe’s Apartment”

When Creepshow came out I saw a making of featurette in which Stephen King said the “roach handlers” for the “They’re Creeping Up On You” became increasingly jumpy about handling their little charges. These were people who were used to handling insects, but something about handling lots of them several days in a row unnerved them.

Since this young man is using roaches to pay for his college I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to him.

At least a lot of hungry reptiles are getting fed.

I did the very same thing when I was in college, but I didn’t actually want the cockroaches.

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Damn. I thought Scott Carey finally turned up.

That has got to smell terrible. If you’ve ever been in a truly roach-infested apartment you know they stink something awful.

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