The mathematics of how sperm swim


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Some have better technique than others.


The mathematics of sperm? Isn’t it simple multiplication?


I always thought they just kinda. . . rode the wave.



Who’s counting?



I wish they would be more careful with words like miraculous. Now this quote is going to show up with no context in an intelligent design “documentary” about how every sperm is moved directly by divine intervention.


It’s all a little crazy, isn’t it?


I had been a sperm too.

But it was soo many years, drinks and drugs ago that I just don’t know what I did ?!

“Talk to my LAWYER!”


Yup. I also have the feeling they are heavily overselling their results by alluding this research could lead to contraceptives for males.
I, for one, can smell Lily of the Valley.

Obligatory Meaning of Life link:


Came here for this - as it were - not disappointed.
Though not sure how it took 11 comments… :slight_smile:


We are predictable, aren’t we? Sometimes, we jerk back our head, we go in a different direction for a short thread of time, but generally we go with the flow and arrive at the spot.

Someone should model BB BBS comments to devise a better sperm spam filter, don’t you think?



None of this was in that documentary I watched.



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