The meaning of "premium mediocre"


Since the sentence lacks a comma, I’m going to assume that the intended meaning is cupcakes with froyo – like a birthday party that eschews cake and ice cream in favor of cupcakes and froyo.




What did yummy, tasty cupcakes ever do to anyone?

And for the record; no, I’m not talking about undersized, overpriced ‘gourmet’ cupcakes with way too much icing.

I mean the ones you can make at home, for a fraction of the cost.


Premium milquetoast.


The bowling alley I currently work at has a “VIP” area you can get into for an extra quid a game per person. It has carpeted floor around the booth seating, different coloured balls and pins, some lights on the wall that spell out “VIP” and… er…


Yes, good point. Same for pear juice.
But being serious for a moment, I would include:
The iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S range*
BMW and Audi

I am using the original definition of mediocre, though, which is not pejorative.

*edit - apparently I don’t know my Samsungen, but this doesn’t worry me. I guess I could have written “over promoted expensive brands which are no better at actually doing phone things than stuff half the price, but which people imagine to be status symbols.”


raises hand nervously :expressionless:


Really good metal bands.


“The iPhone and Samsung Galaxy range”

Samsung’s entire phone and tablet lineup is the “Galaxy” range, right? Or does Samsung have non-“Galaxy” fondleslabs as well?


Live, Laugh, Love, Dammit!


Ah damn, just realised I was in the shop on the way home buying cheesecake and cola to go with the chinese I was picking up on the way. I must have thought about which brand of cola to buy for at least 10 seconds… Fever Tree vs. Dr. Fentimans… facepalm

(Edit: Got the right brand name now!)


My non ‘samsung’ nook tablet is samsung under the covers just a little under powered compared to the branded version but meh I read ebooks on it so it doesn’t need to be uber fast.


Nordstrom Rack is sort of like that.


Funny to me that my spouse and I have avoided chain restaurants and such because this is essentially how we always felt…it was mediocre at best.

We have always been labeled snobs as a result because we’d rather spent money on a real meal than shite at Applebees or Olive Garden.


Exactly. You’d probably be horrified if your cajun seasoning had actual cajuns in it.


What if it’s made from certified artisans?



‘Premium mediocre’ is anything sporting the name Trump.


Make America Mediocre Again.


Nothing but the best for Mr. Moneybags over here.

Like, thanks buddy, I know I could get a better burrito. But I have $7 in my pocket.


Sometimes cupcakes are just good. If made competently, they deliver exactly the pleasure one would expect from a tiny cake. Nothing premium or mediocre about it.

Now, if you took a grocery store cupcake, dried it out for a few days, and added fake liqueur flavoring to the frosting, you’d be in premium mediocre land.


At first glance I read this as ‘carpeted lanes’… y’know, for the quieter ambiance you always look for at yer premium alleys.