The "Medieval Monsters" of England's ancient forests

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Video link for the BBS.


Great foley & cinematography! Medieval metaphor’s a bit of a stretch, but so what.

I had the great good fortune of spending a day in the New Forest last year. The Trusty Servant had a decent pint & ploughman’s.

This particular gif preview thingy looks great, and the turtle isn’t bad either.

England has forests and fauna left?

Well, the “new” forest is 600+ years old, so make of that what you will.

All I could think about while i watched was the Foley artist banging chairs around and cracking heads of lettuce in their studio. It was a bit heavy handed.

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More like 900 years, I think. Certainly long enough that the meaning of ‘forest’ has completely changed in the meantime- it’s really never been a forest in the sense of being covered with trees.


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