The morning after the Brexit vote, Nigel Farage admits money for the NHS was a lie

Might I offer:

(probably I put this one in the misandry gifs?)

Edit: Whoa what the heck did I do this time?


Something tells me I shouldn’t hold my breath on them replacing the lost science funding either.

I’m apalled at the shitty shabby nature of this decision. I’m afraid were about to make the same mistake ourselves with Orangeface “Let’s make a better deal” McGarfieldPubes. You guys were supposed to be more mature than us.

God. We’re fucked, aren’t we?


And guess what, they now say Leave did not pledge to reduce immigration.


Christ, what an asshole. Another one!


Yes, we’re fucked.

I keep looking at my kids and feeling shame. This is the most monumentally stupid outcome in history.

David Cameron should not be allowed to resign - he should be forced to live this out.

The only way I will not seek to exit the UK is if negotiations to re-engage with Europe commence immediately.

If there is any chance of the UK becoming some sort of Union Jack wrapped pariah state, forced to trade with dodgy old commonwealth countries, I must leave - I must - for the good of my family.




I would like to make a contribution to your noble cause. I hope you like it.


Yeah mate, check my avatar! You guys are good.

What’s Canada like these days?

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You mean North Trumpistan? Not sure I want to live there.

Why the hell would Europe let them back in?

The UK has just loudly declared that it would prefer to be a parochial xenophobic backwater; I suspect that many Europeans are more than happy to help the British achieve this goal.


Scotland, Northern Ireland and London didn’t and may choose to leave the UK instead of the EU.


Not back in. That’s done. Trade negotiations. It’s not like export / import will go to zero.

Do other languages have as many words for “lie”?

“It was a mistake” to explicitly state a known falsehood in prominent advertisements in order to procure support for my political cause.

All the UK deserves an apology for this “mistake”.


Well, he’s no Trump

We got rid of the weird haired autocrat, but we’ve all got a lot of repairs to do


Is this an update on the US Reagan administration? They had lots of fancy words for lying IIRC, we were aghast at the time, like “no I wasn’t lying, I was maintaining plausible deniability”

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And Brighton! Don’t forget the PRB.

The Australian conservatives of the late-90’s/early-00’s had a good one: “non-core promise”.

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And Oxford too!

I hope that London gets both of them in the Brivorce.