The morning after the Brexit vote, Nigel Farage admits money for the NHS was a lie


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Christ, what an asshole.


Oddly enough that means that he is more honest than I thought.


Would this have made a 4% difference? I suppose the question is purely academic now.



Minor quibble. The £350m/week bullshit came from Vote Leave (i.e. Johnson/Gove). Farage wasn’t part of that campaign, he was running the ‘rival’ Leave.EU campaign.

I don’t know if Farage ever made the NHS claim himself.

But then there’s also the idea that they would magically stop immigration overnight that they’ve also been rolling back today. The amusing bit will be when the French stop the Le Touquet agreement that lets UK border controls operate in France.

I can’t bear to look at most of what Farage, Carswell, Hannan et al have been saying today, to be honest. I’m too angry as it is.


This belongs in the gif bank.


This was my first thought as well.


Nope. He lied when it was useful, and “confessed” when it was useful.

He’s a lying politician.


And yet of all politicians he seems to have honed this skill to a fine art, others look like punters in comparison. The brexit lot are also backtracking on promises to reduce migration. Of course they are, the rest of us knew they could not deliver on it.

Somewhat related i suppose:


I didn’t mean to imply that he was any less of a worthless piece of shit. I was just surprised that he said it out loud so early.


We need to get over the concept of lying.

A better term would be a “Conception Enhancing Meme Product.”

“Hey, we weren’t lying. We just said something to change your mind about something.”

(Hey, if the company I work for can call layoffs “Employee-effecting synergy changes” . . . )


If your argument against Brexit is that they won’t get all those EU workers which were such a boon now…they could just open up their immigration process and let them in, without having to take the rest of what the EU dictates to them, right?


Stealing that image for future use; thanks.


At @ficuswhisperer’s suggestion, I have added it to the GIF bank. Many similar GIFs probably to follow.


Not necessarily. Knowing that you have an all but unconditional right to live and work in an EU country indefinitely is something special that simple residence permit can’t fully replicate. If you want to plan your future, then knowing that you won’t get kicked out if you lose that specific job or that you can compete with local job seekers equally is valuable. Also the EU makes a million little things easier. Sure, many will go to the UK anyway if the money is right, but if you want a home and a long-term future, then a UK outside the common market has lost something.


That’s his defense, that he never said it with his own mouth. He just campaigned with people - and signs - that made the claim. Which as defenses go is pretty shit.


Don’t forget the benefit for UK citizens to be able to live and work everywhere in the EU, which will now be denied to Britons. At a stroke my passport has become massively less useful to me.

Oh, I know. That’s why I said it was only a minor quibble. You could argue that it was useful to have two campaigns who could tell different lies, so that a figurehead from the other one could disavow them the morning after.


Absolutely. But perhaps Prime Minister Johnson will be able to negotiate one-way freedom of movement. That sounds like one of those better deals I have been hearing about.

Although both sides deny wanting it, I wonder if we will end up with a deal that basically amounts to EEA membership. Of course no change on immigration would be really hard to swallow for many, but it might be the least bad in terms of damage limitation.

Yay, self-disenfranchisement Freeedoooom!


The snivelling weasel needs to be sent behind the back of Buckingham Palace. Don’t think the UK has had a proper spring clean since 1688 anyway.

Still, let me know when he starts offering British bicycles.