Nigel "Brexit" Farage, having tanked the UK economy, retires to "get his life back"


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Are Mr Farage’s investments also independent of the UK, or did his recent maneuverings wipe out some of his retirement nest-egg along with everyone else’s? It would only be fair.


UK, what the hell?


We’re asking the same question.


Worst British politician since Neville Chamberlain, I’d say. Enjoy your “life”, you fascist waste of flesh.



Farage has achieved a status rare even among politicians—that which is undeserving even of ‘Christ, what an arsehole’.

Well, time to break out the ‘fuck you’ GIFs. I’ll start.


I’ll argue that you are wrong

Falange is similar to Enoch.


damned if I know best guess we really didnt think there where enough selfish little englanders to get it through apparently we where wrong.


You know, back when you were a kid, when all your friends were egging this kid on to jump off the school’s roof and he did it. Remember all your friends looking at the kid twitching on the ground and all running away like mad? That’s the UK right now…


And of course, despite his fervor for getting his country back, he was always steadfastly against even giving basic civil rights to catholics in Northern Ireland, much less giving them their country back.


What! There’s plenty more to burn down yet! Quitter!


Whilst it will be nice to see less of the odious Farage, what we should be worried about is that the next leader of UKIP is likely to be a more emollient, voter-friendly individual ready to grab the votes of a lot of disgruntled voters in the North of England and South Wales.

And they will be the smiling face of some very nasty policies and the front for a lot of very nasty individuals.


There’s a term for someone who will deliberately break something and walk blithely away without a second thought. It’s “psychopath”.




Should things not develop entirely to the Leavers satisfaction, I am sure that two years from now he could be persuaded to ride to his country’s rescue on his white charger, untainted by defeat or compromise.


I thought it was “Sarah Palin”.


“tanked the UK economy”

citation needed


Typical rich fuck, pretending to be a working man, getting exactly what he wants, screwing over everyone else and then bailing when the tab comes due. Thanks, Brexit!


here you go:


Mr Farage said his “political ambition has been achieved”

Comedy, it just writes itself.