The most common words in movie titles


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“Bad Wild Three American onna cold star”, coming to a remainder bin near you soon!


In a world…where banal studios hire the same amnesiac goldfish to edit and score every trailer they release…comes a another insult to your intelligence.


Odd, I can’t find “Return”.


“What’s Bakunyū” I thought, innocently, spotting the most obvious non-English word.

Cannot unsee.


Banal? Amnesiac? I think those three same tunes are in the public domain. You think they should wait until the soundrack is complete before they release the trailers? Or maybe they should hire big talent to score them?

Also, I wonder why they didn’t filter out foreign titles? Jin Qing Onna is a big hit in Sheboygan?


I’d settle for them finding a different minor note on their keyboard and a sample of something other than drumsplosions.


You’re hired!


I’ve actually done sound design on some small projects, a few even paid gigs. But I’d sooner sleep in fire ants than make a full-time career in any aspect of production.


I can only think of a couple film titles with SEX in them. They must include ALL films, B movie, porn, etc. to get that word to rank fairly high.


I have a full time career in the production of whatever results get me paid at whatever job I’m working




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