The most complained-about fashion ads: a retrospective


Step on somebody’s toe; double easy in the age of instant internet outrages, the toe itself can even be merely imaginary.
…and voila, couple dozen millions of dollars of free publicity.

Smart marketing, I’d say.


I really don’t need to see these. Love the technical loveliness in the photographs, but. Just not what I want to see. Not BB’s fault, of course. 'Night!

A photo of an adult is “dangerous” because her clothes are slightly too big, and she is alone in a room? When do we pass the event horizon of Stranger Danger? If I see a picture and it makes me think naughty thoughts, the picture must be naughty.

EDIT: Good God! My arms are a little short for my chest size, so I’m hard to fit off the rack. As a result, I was wearing a shirt today that was slightly too big. And I spent several hours alone in my office. Am I dangerous?


This usually says more about what the critics obsess over than the artists.

Unless you insist on strutting around the office in asking-for-it fetish wear like an unrepentant tart.

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Won’t somebody think of the children.


Photos of a squirting cow udder and a cocaine dress may be among the least offensive things about Terry Richardson.

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