The most dangerous places in the world to drive


Safer to drive on the left?

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Hahaha @Puerto Rico. It’s insane there.

Amazingly, Russia does not make the list.

No surprise that the Middle East is highly represented. There was more traffic control in the Road Warrior than Iraq.

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Here’s an item. Says that they’re building a new highway in Tibet.

Oh, really?

It’s going all the way from Tibet to Mongolia. Says it’ll cut five hours out of the trip for everybody that’s going there.

most dangerous places in the world to drive

The map is too small for me to read, but I’m guessing the answer is Venice.


Some context would be helpful. I’m guessing most of the driving fatalities in Mongolia involve cars breaking down and the drivers dying of exposure or starvation before being discovered. And in Yemen probably car bombs and drone strikes.

Now, where’s the most dangerous place to walk?

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Mongolia was my favorite part of the journey in Long Way Round.

per mile of road, Mongolia must be #1.

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Guatemala vs El Salvador and Belize is weird.

Saudi Arabia being in the top 10 safest seems odd to me… I have photos, taken on the road from Jazan to Abha, of cars coming at me on the wrong side of the road, crossing an unbroken white line whilst overtaking on a blind bend… (I’m a new user, so it won’t let me upload…) I wasn’t just randomly clicking - I had the camera out because it had already happened a couple of times, and I figured it wouldn’t be too long before the next one came along. It fit the Mad Max feel of the place - there were burnt out lorries and buses on the side of the road, and packs of baboons making off with anything even vaguely edible running alongside the cars.

I don’t have photos of the time, over on the other side of the country, my driver decided that going 1 mile down the motorway to the next exit was too much trouble, and simply cut across the middle of the road, did a u-turn, merged back into the traffic on the other side, then drove across some sand to hit the road we wanted - that all happened a little too fast.

Anecdotes are not data, but… Basically, if the road-deaths per 100 000 inhabitants are in the lowest in the world, it certainly isn’t because of their driving. Maybe because lots of them aren’t out on the roads…

Saudi Arabia might not count road deaths if they don’t include actual Saudi citizens. There is some real “serfs aren’t people” mentality over there that can creep into all sorts of places.

In order to gain data on the science of trolling I offer the following response:
No female drivers?


Don’t they not allow women to drive ;o)

never mind!

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I’m boggled that India doesn’t place higher.

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And under no circumstances should you attempt to drive from Venezuela to Mongolia or Yemen.

Reminds me of an old joke: Fly is safer than driving … especially to Europe.

Where do you see Saudi Arabia in the top 10 safest? Could you be looking at the list for “fatalities from all causes”(Table 2) rather than “fatalities from road crashes” (Table 3)? Because in the PDF report I’m looking at, the “road crashes” section (page 6) says:

The 10 countries with the lowest rates were the Maldives, Tajikistan, Malta, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, Israel, Tonga, Antigua and Barbuda, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Also, Table 7 (road crashes as a percentage of fatalities from all causes) shows that Saudi Arabia is the eleventh worst.

Quite right - I was misreading it in exactly the way you said. And it all makes much more sense to me now…

As snowmentality pointed out, I was misreading the report. You’re right about the “serfs aren’t people” thing though. It’s unpleasant enough as a Westerner, but seeing the way Indians/Pakistanis/Nepalis get treated is breathtaking…

I was going to say exactly this. The roads in India are fucking terrifying.