The most hated company in America is about to get much, much bigger


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Did Comcast give Cohen money as well? You know, for greasing the skids like AT&T did…


Hold on. Disney already made the bid to purchase Fox properties. Comcast is making a counter offer to that bid…so it’s a bit premature to say “Comcast is buying 21st Century Fox” as it is far from a done deal.

UNLESS…you just wanted a click bait headline and story…in which then its Mission Accomplished!


Yep. There’s a lot of assumptions going on here. The Disney/Fox deal wasn’t expected to close until summer 2019. The idea that suddenly “now Trump is poised to let the company buy Fox and Sky” is fairly disingenuous. These offers haven’t even been accepted let alone submitted for regulatory approval. In fact the reason the original Comcast bid for Fox was rejected was because there was no provision for regulatory disapproval.


But, the invisible hand of the Free Market will sort this all out, right?




I am sure Ajit is busy working on blocking this right now /s


Pretty sure it’s always been an FTC thing.


Comcast and National Geographic. A (potential) marriage made in hell.


Don’t we have antitrust laws for just this sort of thing?


Actually…I am fairly certain even if Comcast’s bid is taken seriously by Fox…Disney will just make their "adjusted"offer overwhelming.

They want the Marvel and Star Wars properties in their entirety. Getting Avatar in its entirety is a bonus for them too. There are a bunch of TV shows that they would also have all the rights to (including the ABC hit Modern Family), again bonus. And getting the Fox Animation studio - is it Blue Sky Studios? - would be a big win for them.


Fingers crossed.


I think I’ve been goosed by the invisible hand on several occasions.


You’re probably right. I imagine Disney is willing to make deals with Fox and regulators to sell off assets to make this happen. i.e. they will break up 21st Century Fox post-acquisition if need be, much in the same way bank branches are sold off after mergers.


I presumed that “buy Fox” meant that the company was going to buy the remnants of Fox that were not purchased by Disney.

And that’s at least a a little appealing, isn’t it? Imagine Rupert Murdoch’s influence dwindling to nothingness and the outrageous excesses of Fox News being dragged down into the indistinguishably generic. That’s worth a certain price.


The Sky bid will take a lot more work - both EU and UK regulators need to approve it, and it has not only Disney bidding, but Murdoch himself - Fox don’t own all of Sky.


When Comcast took over a Cable Company in Colorado in the late 2000’s, I was working in a call center in Alabama that was receiving the calls from Colorado.
If there was a problem, we could do almost nothing.
We had no direct connection with the company in Colorado.
I was getting phones calls from polices about cables down due to a storm and I had no way to tell any one in Colorado about it.
We could send emails to the business in Colorado but We never got any feedback.
One of the reason, I quit .


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