The most peace; greatest peace, I can tell you

Uh, whaaaa?


I see what they’re getting at. It’s just premature.

I’ll be the first to give where credit is due if we can go just 1 year without North Korea walking back something they agreed to or secretly violating it. I give it a 15% chance, because I’ve been watching the goings-on in NK intently since 9/11 (which I was distressingly in Japan for, and quickly acquainted myself with the history of North Korean threats and treaties, agreements, etc.).

They also might be doing it ironically, or because they have lost faith in the award and figure they give it out willy-nilly. Obama doesn’t seem to think he really deserved it, and has publicly joked about it. Here’s his official statement on it:

“I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments but rather an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations.”

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Suddenly I want Queen Elizabeth to get it, and I am usually anti-monarchy.


My first thought was that it had to do with Obama’s prize. Between him and Dylan, the Nobel Committee seems a bit desperate to become a popularity contest. Pretty sure Trump is not as popular as Obama or Dylan over in Stockholm, but I think it’s just the repubs taking notice of the drop in rigor and using it as a bargaining chip/talking point: “Well, you gave it to him. Our guy is great, too: here’s why!” Or as a way to discuss how Obama didn’t deserve it, either. Or both.

The Nobel wiki says that the committee sends out nomination forms and that governments are consulted for the Peace Prize, but it also says that none of the nominees are made public. The article sounds like these guys are just sending an unsolicited nomination and calling it a “formal nomination” is just a political move to announce to the press.

After reading the article, it seems even simpler. The people who wrote the nomination are all running for election. They’re just trying to be the republican candidate to align hardest with Trump to win their primary.


No one deserves a Nobel peace prize more than our favorite pussy grabbing, bigoted, what-aboutist.

People are saying he’s done so much. More than anybody.

ETA: I’ve thought this over and now I begin to see it. That wasn’t sexual assault, it was outreach. The bigotry and whataboutism? Those were acknowledgements of our many divisions, and the heartfelt plea of a true humanitarian for inclusive dialogue. Thank gods the TGOP had the courage to put together this nomination. The scales have fallen from my liberal eyes!

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day making a fresh assessment of the Trump administration. Where’s Scott Pruitt? Get over here you scamp, let me look at you!


Which is why Brenda is such a good choice.

It will also be fun watching British Trumpists deal with the contradictions in their heads that will occur.

Trump should have won the Nobel Prize. It’s been devalued to worthlessless now!
But the Queen is our head of state and we are all sworn to loyalty to her!
But Trump!
But Queen!



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