Trump’s Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize Was Apparently Forged. Twice

So, this story gets even weirder?

It’s not just a Nobel Peace Prize nomination… it’s a fake Nobel Peace Prize nomination?? The NYT article leaves out a lot of needed facts. So, the nomination was not in fact submitted by Norwegian Christian Tybring-Gjedde? “Forgery” seems like an awkward term. Identity theft and computer hacking seem a given here.

Also, we in the public should have been a little suspicious to begin with: all nominations are supposed to be completely secret, yet we were told, in no uncertain terms, about the nomination and who had submitted the nomination!

And just wait for the “second-order” effects: Trump & Fox & QAnon & the red-state getting it into their collective hive-mind that “Oh, sure, Obama can have his Peace Prize, but ours is stolen from us!” It won’t matter that this “nomination” is the result of a troll or a Russian agent. It will become an established fact.

EDIT: My bad! This article is from 2018, but it’s the first I had heard of it! (I’m amazed more hadn’t been made of it then.)


The fact that the nomination was done in Sharpie should have been a tip-off.


This year’s nomination, and one in 2018, both by the same goofy-right Nowegian politician, are apparently real. An earlier fake nomination was caught by the committee in 2018.

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