Watch: Trump says the Covid vaccines he "came up with" are "all very, very good"

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Such a sad, pathetic little man. If he wasn’t also a traitor, I’d almost feel sorry for him.


In the worst way possible these two deserve each other, and please lock tRump the wonder clown up, please.


Tangerine Caligula is so delusional that he actually believes that HE PERSONALLY created the vaccines, and that before he told them to do it, literally NO ONE had EVER thought to try to develop a vaccine, and that without HIM, we would NEVER have had a vaccine.


Trying to keep enough of his voters alive for 2024 only to end up alienating them.


I don’t think he knows what he’s doing




He needs his people to stop dying. Initially, I imagine, he was okay with it because a half million republicans could die in each of the southern states he won and he’d still have a comfortable lead. So he was going for “Biden let far more die under COVID than I did” without anyone really analyzing the numbers. Because face it, people wouldn’t.

But now it’s going too far. He might be jeopardizing too many people. So if he were to get re-elected, he’s laying the groundwork for “if you take my vaccine, you live. See , I saved your life, and Biden didn’t.”


Candace: “…and more people died under Joe Biden.”

Most of them were unvaccinated, Candace.

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On my local Facebook group, in a last guy loving county, when I point out that he’s had all 3 shots, is promoting them as safe and effective, and he created them, their response is usually “that’s the one thing I disagree with him about”.

But he created the deadly shot that you’re blaming the democrats for.

“Do your own research” is their response.

It’s absurd.


So American Politics…


I’m stepping back 100 yards on this to say, this is good. He’s talking to the cult. If they keep rejecting vaccination, they endanger the rest of us in so many ways, as well as endangering people who for genuine medical reasons cannot receive the vaccine. I’m more interested in our conquering this thing than in worrying that T trying to steal credit for it will change anything in the practice of epidemiology.

It’s the first time I’m seeing him say pretty clearly what he should have said at the start: anti-vaxxers are endangering themselves. Yes, he should also say they’re endangering everyone else. But he could shift the behavior of millions of his selfish followers by appealing to their self interest. It both is and is not “too little, too late.”


100% this. Even after all these years Trump’s friends and foes alike seem to keep making the mistake of assuming there’s some kind of Machiavellian strategy behind his words and actions. There isn’t. He’s exactly as idiotic and unstable as he looks.


This is true, but , don’t underestimate him.

He fully understands his people and how to use them to his advantage. He’s spent a lifetime taking advantage of people, and while he’s idiotic and unstable, he knows exactly how to take advantage of his followers, having learned it all his life.


I’m impressed. The same way I’m impressed when a dog does a neat trick. I’m impressed at the trainer. All Biden had to do was give him the treat of a lie (exaggeration at the very best) that Trump had much at all to do with developing the vaccines.


He knows how to get a rise out of his followers, but I’m not at all convinced he has the slightest inkling when doing so will provide him with any kind of long-term advantage. He was initially elated that he had so many followers ready to storm the Capitol on his behalf but when it actually happened he was disgusted by the embarrassingly “low class” nature of the insurrectionists shown on TV. And at the end of the day it was his actions on that day which turned him into the first-ever American President to get impeached twice.

I don’t underestimate Trump’s power to cause harm. I also try not to overestimate his intelligence, rationality or competence.


So, Trump is saying he’s a Turkish Muslim woman?



Not even his boss in Moscow has tried claiming personal credit for vaccines.


Somebody suddenly realized that it’s almost entirely unvaccinated Trumpers that are dying of Covid these days. 1,300 a day is really going to add up by next November.


Also: saying “Merry Christmas.” That was all him, too. Because he, uh, said, a couple times, that people should say “Merry Christmas,” so now people are. But otherwise wouldn’t have. Or something.

His perception, of course, has nothing to do with reality, but I do wonder if enough Republicans are dying to make any difference in future elections. I’d say Republican voting-rights shenanigans are having a much, much bigger impact. The death rate is pretty low with modern treatments - granted, Trump voters are disproportionately high-risk, so both the infection and death rates for Trump voters are going to be higher than average. A big impact is filling up ICUs so people with any kind of serious illness or injury end up dying, regardless of political party and covid stance. The long-term disability rate for Trumpers is going to be ugly, but that doesn’t necessarily stop people from voting for Republicans to make their lives harder.

It really is something - Biden is supposed to magically stop people from getting sick, but without using vaccines, masks, social distancing, or any kind of public health measures that Republicans oppose. There’s no logic - it’s just random statistics they can use, context-free, to bash Biden. As per usual.

I.e. “Don’t harsh our cognitive dissonance!”