The most popular coding fonts


I’ve been using Bitstream Vera Sans Mono and love it.

This site was a pretty good resource when picking out a good coding font for me.

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Lately feeling like a dinosaur for coding mostly in perl; great relief that my fave font Monaco isn’t at the bottom of the list.

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I’m a big fan of Meslo LG DZ (DZ is the dotted-zero variant). I’ve been using it as my primary terminal font for a couple of years now. Specifically, I use the patched version that works with Powerline ( for a pretty statusline in vim/tmux.

I always check these fonts out when this topic comes up, and I always return to using Andale Mono.

I finally got around to paying for Sublime Text last week, and to celebrate I thought I’d look for a monospace font with loop-tailed ‘g’ glyphs… And I discovered Source Code Pro. I’ve been using it for the past week and frankly I love it. Sometimes I open the text editor just to admire it. Well, not quite, but I’ve been tempted.

Also in the loop-tailed-g family is Inconsolata. A very pretty font, but I’m finding the horizontal spacing of Source Code Pro to be really refreshing after years of using Bitstream Vera Sans. So I’m using Inconsolata in terminal windows, and editing with Source Code Pro.

Great topic, looking forward to reading more comments.

I always use Courier New. Boring, eh?

I use Comic Sans Fixed.


I use Papyrus just to piss off my compiler.

I have been using Envy Code R for years. It’s like a new touch on the old. It also prints very well for other uses such as spreadsheets.

On the one hand, I keep seeing comments that Perl is obsolete, and that no one really writes new code in Perl anymore.

On the other hand, almost every Linux or Unix system administration job I’ve seen advertised in the last several years has, explicitly, listed knowledge of Perl as a requirement. About equally often, I see shell scripting listed; much less often, though still common, I see Python. I can’t think of a specific skill requirement I see more often than Perl. So from the looks of it, Perl is still, overwhelmingly, the language of choice for system administration.

After deciding that DejaVu Sans Mono was my favorite, I discovered that it was, in fact, already the default monospace font on my system – it looks like Gnome aliases the default to “Monospace”. It does look better in 12 point than in 11, though.

Honestly, most of them look pretty much the same to me, though Linux Libertine Mono stands out as a serif monospace font.

There have been very few coding errors in the past two decades which I think a different font would have helped me catch/avoid, even with my aging eyes. I just go for legibility and fixed-pitch – and usually the system default’s been adequate.

Font can make a huge difference in some circumstances, but so far this hasn’t seemed to be one of them.

(And I’m trying not to rant about the misuse of well-defined typographic terms when applied to PC displays.)

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